Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow: Kundang Camp
  • I am in the section in the Kundang Camp where you need to activate the sticky camera in order to overhear a conversation with Sandora. I shoot the rifle above the guards head, hitting a wall and activate the sticky camera. Sandora hears it and is spooked opening the door without triggering the conversation. I am able then to clear pass three more sets of guards into the areas six level but it tells me I did not complete one of the objectives. Is there a way to silence the gun when I shoot? How am I supposed to shoot it to activate the camera/trigger the conversation at the same time?
  • If this is his telephone conversation you don't need to do a sticky camera by this time. Once you sneak up to Sodono's house use the codeblock to enter the house. Get near the open window to start listening in to the conversation. You'll need to change hiding places a few times as he walks around, taking cover behind the window shutters between the windows. When the conversation ends you'll need to rush into the dark area at the end of the corridor to avoid being seen.