• I have tried ALL of your "tested" codes for tiger woods 2009 on PS3 in both upper case (like it says) also lower also correct punctuation and none of them work. Am I not doing something right or what? Please help if u can THx
  • i tried them all as well and the only one that worked was YOUDAMAN, none of the others worked & i tried them in various ways. Seeing as how the staff has neglected to respond to your initial post which was made back in July i'd say it was a hoax that they posted or they must've been playing it on the PC or something.
  • We're not the only ones that posted them, Kitty- a number of others have them too. Also, they are submitted by visitors to the site- we try to make sure they are legit before approving but some do make their way past.

    BTW, may want to recheck your calendar- that post was in December too. Gets busy between helping out here, heading to the paid job and geting ready for Christmas. ;)