• hi, I am replaying ps1 game doom and I am on level 20 unholy cathedral, I have gone thru the stage alright, got the keys, but I can't get into the wall opposite the blue door, I used x-ray vision cheat mode, also, level 24, hell beneath, I have the keys, but only have 50% secrets at the end, I have the secret in the first scene, where the lift lets me into a tunnel and then access to a secret room with 2 transporters in it, and thats it, can u help me.
  • level 20: Once you get the blue key tuen around and head right to exit the room. After taking out a Baron place your back against the opening you had just come through and turn right. Follow this hall to a wall. You should see a star symbol on it- this is a door. Open it to head through. You'll find a four-pad transporter. Use it to go back to where the demons used to be and open the door to the left. Kill the imps and follow the hall to a blue door on your left. head through and exit the level.
  • Wow.. Doom on PSX... must be over a dozen years ago...
    Remember getting a few emails about this level at the time so got onto the developers and recall being told you cannot get 100% secrets on this level. You can on PC... but not on the PSX conversion. Seems a secret was missed in the port...
  • Whoo- long time no see Martin! B) Thanks for the extra info too, did not know that about the game.
  • Just passing through mate!
    Was chatting with Jim about the site over Christmas and though I'd give it the once over... been a while...
    Changed quite a bit from the early days way back in '95.
    Have blurred memories of knocking out 3 or 4 reviews in an evening back in the days when a Playstation cost a months salary.
    Wonder where Tom is these days?
    Take care.
  • Haven't seen any sign of him for some time, actually. I still have him on AIM but I don't have it on that much. To be honest, I really wish some of you guys (and gals) that were staffing when I was a member would hang about more often.