Problem with Midnight Club:LA Online (wireless connection)
  • Seems to be a problem whenever I try to play MC:LA online. When I try to go on quick cruise or play a quick standard match race, I get disconnected almost everytime. There were times(maybe only twice in the last couple weeks) when I was able to play for a long time without getting disconnected so I don't know what the problem is. This never happens with other games like madden09, fifa 08, COD, GTA IV, and TGW 09.

    I use a wireless connection with the netgear WGR614 V.5 router at 90% signal strength. I read the other thread (PS3 wireless connection setup) and tried adding ps3's mac address in the router's LAN IP setup but still get disconnected.

    What else can I do?
  • Only thing I can think of is check through the manual- maybe they list some specific ports that need to be open for this game to work smoothly online.
  • I checked the manual earlier but couldn't find anything on ports. I also went to and opened all the ports recommended for PSN but still no luck. I even downloaded the new patch 1.03 which was released today and still the same problem.
  • Did you open just the ports listed at port forward or did you do all that i listed in the pinned thread up top? Port Forward's instructions missed a number of the ports needed.
  • I opened all the ports you listed as well. But now I get disconnected even faster than before so I backtracked to how the router was before without port forwarding.
    What else can I do?
  • Something must not have been put in correctly if it was kicking you faster than before- may want to doublecheck things on that.

    Other setting suggestions I can make are set a specific IP address aside in the router just for the PS3 if your router supports that (most do). Also, put the PS3's MAC Address in the router list of allowed devices.
  • I think I've done everything you mentioned.
    Here's what I did before I backtracked.

    -Turned on the wireless access control in the router and assigned specific ip address for ps3 and also my laptop with its mac addresses.
    -Next, I I went into the LAN IP settings then added my ps3 and my laptop's mac address in the address reservation section.
    -Then I added/opened all of the ports recommended for PSN that's listed in this forum and
    (Just to be sure, tell me if I did this correctly. When I added the ports for portforwarding setup, I assigned PS3's ip address for each port I added.)
  • yes, you did it correctly
  • Last night, I must've played for over an hour without getting disconnected but today I'm back to the same problem. I emailed take2games and got a reply today and opened all the ports they recommended but still no luck.

    Here's the reply I got today:

    Can you please make sure you have the correct port numbers open from the following :

    UDP ports:

    6672, 28900

    TCP ports:

    8001, 27900

    For access to the Playstation Network the following ports are used:

    TCP ports:

    80 HTTP, 8080 HTTP, 443 HTTPS, 5223 JABBER, 3478, 3479, 3480

    UDP ports

    3478, 3479

    Also make sure your firmware for your router/modem is fully updated and check your firewalls are not preventing this.


    I checked the router and it's already updated to the latest firmware.

    My only question is what firewalls are they talking about? Only firewall I know is the one in my laptop from microsoft. And how do I configure it?
  • They would mean the firewall that is built into the router- it's accessed via the router settings pages as well.