Psx/2 Answers
  • Just wondering, since you transfer all of the answered questions in PS2 questions to the read only area, theres a possibility that the answer is incorrect or there is a alternate answer to the question.

    I know its hard to understand what I just said, .......... ok I'll put an example:

    Squall9999: Which comes first? The egg or chicken?

    Zidane48: Definitely the egg!!

    Staff: Ok I'll put this in the PS2 answers since it is already answered

    *The thread has already been transferred

    *madhtr came searching then found the thread

    madhtr: Oh no! :unsure: The chicken came first!!! Squall9999 got the
    wrong answer

    Neglecting madhtr's power of being a mod, what should he do since the thread is already at the read only area where no members are aloowed to post :(

    I hope the re-eanactment made is easier for you to understand :lol:
  • All you need to do is contact one of us Mods and let us know what's up and we'll gladly move the thread back if we feel it's needed. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.