Harry Potter Wont Load
  • Hello
    Any help welcomed I bought a cheap psx from ebay for my kid
    Every other game disc loads but Harry potter it did took ages and then got stuck now it just gets as far as the warners page then it sticks.
    I have checked the disc a few tiny scratches (they are around the middle of the disc like wear) but not great big deep ones.
    Has anyone else had this problem???? or do I need to purchase another game hope not!!!

    Many thanks
  • Hi there dark angel. You might try buying a cleaning and repair kit for your PS games and it wouldn't hurt to pick up a lens cleaning disc for your PS as well. You can find both of these at most electronics stores or in the electronics section at most stores. They're a must have. If you keep your games and PS lens clean you can expect to enjoy them for a long time.
  • If the machine has been "chipped" then some of the games have code inside that detect it and stop the game working, or only let you play so far through it.

    By "chipped" I mean that it has been modified to allow you to play copied games.
  • try buying another game to see and if the game you got dose not work take it back and then ge a new game system