ps2 couses game to have major glitch
  • i rented nfs most wanted and started playing and 2 races in to the game it just started having major glitches such as the track just came to a stop and i couldnt go any further until all the cars past me and the rest of the track started appearing.i know its not the game cose it works in m8s consol fine and this also happens with nfs underground 2 but none of my other games have any glitches.really need some help on this thanks
  • well that happends to me all the time on nfs underground 2 I think it is how they made the game or its the ps2 .bye .:D

    from ANS

    ps: merry christmas:D
  • na sure its ps2 cose games work fine on different consol
  • Ans may be right, it could simply be glitches in the game itself that you somehow did not notice when playing at your friend's place. If the PS2 was having a problem reading the data it would not play the disc at all.
  • na im really sure its the ps2 cose the glitch stops me going any further in the game its unmissable and everything runs smooth on my m8s console on both games it has 2 be the ps2
  • I think its a bit fun when the tracks disappearing cose I dont no were Im going its not so bad when you get to no the game