• I am always getting a Disc read Error thing when I load a disc in my Ps2. Even if the disc is bran new or not.

    It is pissing me off. I have to like take the disc out and look at it and then wipe it down a bit with a tissue cloth and then mabey it will work, it usally take about 3 times for it to load. I think the lens EYE in the ps2 has like dust on it but I dont know how I can suck that stuff off with my vacume? It like in side the PS2. How do I do that?
  • Dude, most electronic stores sell good lens cleaning discs. I had the same problem, bought a cleaning disc and problem solved. You should regularly clean the vents of the ps2 also. ;)
  • Yep XR8TD is right. I bought a cleaning disc also and it worked wonders. I paid about 10 bucks for one which isn't bad. I buy only the best for my baby :) You can clean the vents of the PS2 by buying a can of air. Yeah sounds dumb having to buy air. It's the best and safest way to clean the vents. If you still have problems with errors I'd contact sony. It may take weeks before you get your PS2 back from them. You might try returning the PS2 to the store you bought it at in exchange for a new one. Good luck bro

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  • Okay now I am really getting mad. I am this close to breaking my ps2 wide open just to see what is inside.

    I vacumed it out like I uaslly do, and now the stupid piece of junk wont even play the blue disc (cd disc) what a piece of junk.
    And I cant return it to the store because my 90 warranty is done. What a piece oh $hit only 90 warranty it should be like 1 year! enstead of 3 months!
    And I dont want to call sony and ship the pile to them and charge me like 100 bucks to fix it. its just not worth it.

    And plus I just got a Edios demo, with timesplitters 2 and hitman and tomb raider: the angel of darkness demo in the mail today and it doesnt work because it is a blue disc! STUPID PIECE OF CRAP PS2 LENS READER!

    Now what the hell am I going to do?
  • This is actually a defect that you can get Sony to fix for free, if you're nice about it of course. Explain to them your problem and they will give you the deal. Of course this means sending your PS2 away to get fixed but at least you wouldn't have problems once you got it back. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gamin.....well as soon as you get your PS2 fixed, hopefully soon.
  • Well Madhtr, I remmeber you saying something about getting the latest version of the ps2. But if I asked them to do that it would probablly cost money, huh?

    Well, I am just worryed about the hole shipping cost and stuff like that
  • Shipping costs would probably be worth it compared to not being able to play CD-ROM disks. You have a better chanc of getting this problem fixed with Sony, for a better cost than if you were to try a local electroics shop that doesn't have experience fixing PS2 hardware. The choice is yours though i hope you take the easier choice here, the one that will give you a fixed system for a fairly good price. You could try and see if they'll give you a new model, even if it's refurbished as you'd have less problems though if you send your PS2 to get fixed, you shouldn't have anymore problems with it. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanks madhtr for your help, yeah I will contact sony and see what they say. And I am hoping they will give me a new model.