Having trouble with DVDs on PS2
  • So today I decided to try playing a DVD on my PS2 for the first time since I got it(it's a used, old version not the slim one). It plays one of my Beatles dvds fine, but it won't play Edward Scissorhands... Well, it will play but the picture is a bit fuzzy and the picture rolls up and down the screen with a white line in between. My tv is older as well, if that matters. Is there something wrong with my PS2 or my tv? Any help would be appreciated!~
  • A quick question since you say your tv is older- are you hooked up through a VCR to connect to the tv? If so you are running into the copy protection of the DVD.
  • Nope, I've got my PS2 hooked up directly to my TV.
  • In that case the problem is either the laser is starting to go on the PS2 or the tv- honestly, I'm inclined to go with the first option. If that is the case there may be not a lot that can be done.
  • Hey, thanks for helping me out. I tried hooking up my PS2 to my newer TV and sure enough it played all my dvds just fine. I'm just going to have to get another tv instead of a new PS2.