MGS4- Unable to update query
  • Hi all,
    Sorry if this is the wrong area for this post, but I have a major problem with MGO.

    I have just aquired the game and need to download the 1.2 update. I have ran it several times now and it always fails around 40 - 60% in.
    I get a server error.
    I have tried on both P2P and server options to no avail.

    Is there a problem or is there anything I could be doing wrong??

    I can download other game updates fine along with stuff from PSN..

    Also is there some where online (PC) where I can manually download it and transfer via USB stick to the PS3 as a workaround??

    Many thanks in advance guys
  • The problems are likely stemming from Konami's servers and not your settings. As for grabbing it via the PC and transferring via jump drive/ memory card, the only spot it may be available would be the official MGO web site support page. Just log in using your Konami ID.