Wired Internet Connection
  • I've been trying to establish an internet connection with an ethernet cable through a router. The cables work on my home PC and laptop, but they do not work on my PS3. I think I'm either missing an IP address or a proxy server or something. Realistically, I have no clue. If anyone can help me with this, It would be greatly appreciated.
  • Most of the settings you need for the PS3 can be found within the router itself (router IP address, DNS servers, subnet mask, etc.). You may also need to do some port forwarding on the router- check the pinned thread up top for that.

    Other than that, i suggest making sure you have DHCP enabled on the router as well as make sure you have the PS3's MAC Address in the router's "white list" of allowed devices. If your router has it, set up a custom IP address that will be specifically for the PS3.