My 10 Year Old Playstation
  • :( Hi my name is caleb jeffrey i am wondering if anyone knows how to get picture back on a playstation because i have had mine for ten years and this year it started playing up this is what happened, last week on monday i went to play a game on my psone and when i turned the console on and the monitor it started making and err sound and no p[icture came up instead my monitor showed lines on the screen then they disapeared and nothing happened then it just froze and that was the end of my playstation
    and since then my playstation hasn't worked and i was wondering if someone can give me some help to get it working again if you can can you email me the help at [email][/email] thanks bye.
  • Hi! My name is Squall9999 B) (does my name ring a bell?) This is my 5yr old playstation

    *shows the unit*

    I had the same problem as you, and luckily I fixed the problem!! well sort, heres my story:

    *plays the violin*

    My sister, waaay too little sister was fed up watching VHS and decided to play PSone, then the problem occured, it was a disaster, the picture was showing all lines and some colors, the sounds were producing such high tones you know like iiiiiiiiiiiii. From there on, I've gone beserk, I don't know what to do, then I checked the wirings.......... hehe well what do you know, the problem was there, the audio was in the video and the video was in the audio

    I'm not good at hardware, but why not as wll check out these possibilies

    Just like mine, the audio video was crossed over
    The lens is not clean or .................... is missing?
    The TV!! is it still working? :lol:
    .......hmmmm maybe its hopeless, you have a 10 yr old PS and its still standing?, maybe it got osteoporosis or something, maybe your PS needs to be rapaired at the repair shop

    This is all I know :(
  • First one small correction-the old PlayStation has only been around for 7 years,not 10. ;)

    Sounds like the CD drive in the machine may have finally given up the ghost on you.You did great to get 7 years out of it-my old PlayStation (picked up right on launch day in '95) finally stopped working after 5 years.

    If upgrading to the PS2 isn't in your immediate plans (considering it plays the old games as well as it's own there's no reason why not to) you may find it easier to pick up a PSOne,the smaller version of the PlayStation.Most likely that would be cheaper than the repair option.
  • :angry: actually lyndon staff member i got my playstation when i was ten okay i need to find out what is wrong with it.and i just got the laser cleaned two days before the problem occured okay.
  • Apologies to you caleb-I was just going by the wording in your original post.

    Still,I believe that the only way to get the system working would be to have it repaired by Sony-but it would still be cheaper to get a PSOne to replace the system than it would be to send in your system to be fixed.
  • [b]My first PSX lasted about 4 years! I rang the sony support centre (number in the back of any game manual) and found them to be extremely helpful. They put me through to the tech. dept. so I could explain exactly what the symptoms were (same as yours Caleb) and was given 2 options:

    a] send the machine to them so they could repair it. Time without PSX = 2 weeks. Cost -
  • HI everyone my playstation is working again the problem was the cords were all wrecked totally obviuosly when my house havd a mouse problem the cords obviously got chewed but i dont understand about 1 year later my playstation stopped working so i went to the store with my receipt because i kept it that long and they gave me a refund on my cables and controls plus my memory cards and it woks again and lyndon staff member i am sorry for getting angry at you that day/night i was in a bad mood cause i got in a fight with my sister so it works again so bye.
  • No problem Caleb-I have my bad days too. B) Good to hear you have things up and running again (and at no cost as well-good to see some stores are as easygoing on refunds and exchanges as that one was).