• i"m stuck in whoforest and i don't know how to slime the skis?:p
  • You need to have the Slime Shooter to do it. All of the bluepeints for it are found in Who Forest. If you didn't find them all yet here's a list of where they are:

    1)Inside pink cabin on cliff.
    2)Inside green cabin on cliff.
    3)Inside the cabin under the ice wall in the ski lift area.
    4)Inside the cabin closest to the huge hollow tree.
    5)Inside the cabin closest to the entrance to the clearing.
    6)Inside the second cabin.
    7)Inside the second cabin.
    8)Inside the second cabin.
    9)Inside the first cabin.

    Once you have the shooter pieced together and have it equipped use the ski lift to head to the Mayor's cabin. Give the skis a shot o' slime (they're on the rack in the front of the cabin) mission is complete.