Have just bought
  • A Playstation 3!!!!!!!!!!! Was having a good time playing with sackboy but Tiff has kicked me off to play Orange box!!

    So only a few yeras behind but am finally one of the gang again!!
  • Very nice- take good care of that beast (and the PS3 too). ;)
  • LOL!!! He is currently swearing at Lara Croft at the moment but says hi!!
  • Nice one Jane, add me as a friend. (and you Tiff).

    How you finding it, pretty cool? You have bought one at the right time, some very good games coming out now.

  • playing sackboy & it's just a masterpiece. trying to get into gta4 but i'll have plenty time over xmas while jane is at work
  • Bought LBP for my daughter but she hasn't had a look in, i LOVE it, your right its a masterpiece.

    Was not that impressed with GTA4 to be honest, the games haven't moved on at all, just better graphics, more missions etc, still a good game but not up to all the hype.

    COD WAW is a must have if only for online play, awesome multiplayer FPS