Pirates of Caribbean - At Worlds End - Invincible mode.
  • Is there a code to enter on the PS3 to make Capt. Jack invincible?

    I read where there is an unconfirmed code of:
    " at the meain menu push and hold L2 & R@ and insert the following:
    x, triangle, triangle, square, L1, R1.

    But this doesn't seem to work. Not for me, anyhow.

    Thanks for any info.
  • I have seen that code posted here and elsewhere- it does seem to be legit. I don't have the game here to try it myself (i tend to steer clear of the movie tie-in games) but it should work.
  • Yes, I've tried it several times, and it "seems" to take. When finished entering the codes, a Pirate says "Aaaaarghhh". so I assume that something has happened.

    Problem is, when I play, nothing changes. If Jack Sparrow dies, the game still puts me back at the beginning of whatever chapter I was in and I have to start that part over again.

    How do I get the "invincible" part to work? so I can get further in the game?

  • The invincibility does have limits- it won't protect from any sudden falls but it should kick in for the sword fights. You may want to try starting a new game and try the code again.
  • Tried using the code and starting a new game fresh, but it does not seem any different when sword fighting than without using the code.

    I still get haven't been able to get by onslaught of soldiers after getting past main street in Tortega. Sparrow gets "killed" every time, and I have to keep trying that segment until I can get through it.
    THe "invincible code" does not help.