• how the hell do i beat the final boss in silent hill 3? I have only 2 handgun bullets and no health supplies at all. For ammo I only have a couple of shot gun shells and submachine gun bullets. I dont know how to beat it!!!!
  • omg PLEASE help me......anybody.
  • You need to get more handgun bullets, if you can. The trick here is to stay outside of the semi-circle on the ground and use the handgun to shoot it in the head enough to get it down lower. Then you can let him have it with the other weapons. If all else fails, use the katana to strike the pelvis region a few times to bring it down then start slashing the head.
  • Yea I have NO handgun bullets lol.
    So u can hit it in the pelvis with the katana?
    I thought it only got damage from the head.
  • That is where the main damage is given but you can bring it down to your level with a few well-placed strokes.