Unable to access games on a PSP memory card
  • Hi please can you help,
    i have bought my 9yr old son a PSP for xmas. It is brand new and purchased in the UK. He already has a DS light however i have a good friend who lives in Vietnam and in the past she has bought for me a memory card for the DS with copy games on it that played on the DS console straight away without any problems. So i purchased the PSP with the same plan in mind. I have now received the PSPs memory card with games loaded onto it, its a Sony Memory stick duo 8GB magic gate. When i put it into the console it, the screen shows that a memory card is in when i click on it, it says there are no games, when i scroll to options is tells me

    user capacity is 7690mb
    free space is 1248mb
    Magic Gate Unknown

    Im presuming the PSP will need to be chipped, not something ive done before or feel very confident at doing, I have set up wirless internet access on the console so please can you guide me as to where i go from here.
    Many thanks
  • I'm afraid you won't get any help here for this sort of thing, Hazel. If you have a read of the "mod chips, piracy and API" thread at the top of this section you will see we are very much against the use of pirated games. The industry loses billions of dollars each year because of this and would be one of the reasons we have seen a number of publishers going bankrupt.