Getting Grandson Started
  • Greetings, recently I purchased a PSP for My 7year old grandson,however, the information in the PSP, quick Reference manual is seemingly unfinished,ie there are questions which a user of my status needs answered,the PSP produces prompts regarding getting online and the like which one cannot even find the necessary button marked on the PSP..

    Can someone please answer by either posting the same, that is the necessary information that would allow one to go on the Internet and imput the kind of information in the PSP for 7year alds from the Internet

  • The small switch to turn on the PSP's wi-fi should be on the top of the system on the left side (the side with the directional pad).

    As for the internet access, go to the Settings menu and down to the bottom of this for the Network Set Up. Now, just about everything else will be spelled out on the screen. As long as the router he is going to connect to does not have any encryption running he should be able to get online using "automatic" for the settings.