• I get an error (8002A231) on my ps3 with my other account and i dont know why i couldent even get onto these forums because it was banned for some reason even though its my first time here. This is nuts i had a huge friends list and i cant get in contact with anybody now. I use it as my darn msn nowadays.

    My other account is [email]jeffdorak@gmail.com[/email] and my PSN is jeffd5 any help would be awsome
  • That error means your account has (for whatever reason) been barred from getting online by Sony. You may want to send an e-mail to [email]psn_account_support@playstation.sony.com[/email] to find out why.

    As for the first account here, it may have been affected by having to block GMail e-mail addresses- we had a large run of spambots registering using the GMail address domain. The only way to effectively stop them was to kill being able to register with that type of e-mail.
  • Thanks you have been alot of help, but im losing money as time goes on because i rented warhawk from my local blockbuster, and its an online only game so im kinda waiting for them to fix it before i have to take the game back. This is not cool i hope i get some kind of credit for my loss
  • I have a feeling Sony won't be too forthcoming on that end considering there are no charges for connecting to PSN. You would have to discuss that with them (we're not affiliated in any way).