BBC iplayer help please
  • really sorry is this has been asked before but I have looked and cannot find it....I would like to download a programme from the BBC iplayer but it will only be avilable for another 2 days. I have not got time to view it now but would like to download it and watch it later next week. Can I do this with the PS3 that my son has given me for Christmas and I'm trying to learn how to use in readiness for the festive season? Please be patient with me as I really am a woman of a certain age ( pensioner !!)

    Kindest Regards
    Barbara Ward
  • After doing some digging around the BBC's site for iPlayer it looks as if the programmes can only be downloaded via the computer, not through the PS3- there is nothing about doing it in their FAQ. Now, i can't say for sure due to not being in the UK (thus the player won't work for me with videos) but you may find the option among the tools of the video while it is playing.

    Someone else that is from the UK (we have quite a few members from there) should be able to answer this one with some actual hands-on experience.