Poor Wireless connection
  • I have recently hooked up my Playstation 3 wirelessly and my connection is horrible. I have a Netgear wireless router and I
  • First thing I would check is the router's firmware- it may need an updating. You can find the latest version as well as the instructions for using it at Netgear's site. Considering the distance you may also want to consider going with a wired connection.
  • I have a netgear wireless router and my connection has never dropped yet.

    My router is downstairs, PS3 upstairs, no problems at all. If your walls are old (thick brick etc) they may block your signal.

    Is it certain games this happens on. Konami use their own servers for online games and the service is terrible. MGS and Pro Evo both suffer horribly online due to this.

    If none of the above applies i would go with Lyndons suggestion of a wired conection while you are so close to the router.