Spilled coke on PSP, won't turn on
  • Yesterday, I spilled coke onto my PSP while it was running and charging.

    I paniced, unplugged it, and turned it off and turned it upside down so that the liquid would hopefully not get too deep into it, and then I dried it as much as possible.

    It seemed to stay working just fine, and I left it alone for 24 hours to just let it dry before I messed with it.

    Today when I tried to turn it on, nothing happens, no green light, nothing. It charges fine, but it won't turn on at all.

    I took it apart (I've done so several times before to clean it up, etc (hair, dust)) and found literally NO liquid or dried syrup inside it at all....yet I have this problem.

    Is this a fuse situation? My power switch seems fine, and it is not loose at all...

    What can I do about it?

  • It may seem like there was nothing there but the damage has been done- there is nothing you can do other than contact Sony and pay for repairs or buy a new PSP.