Tomb Raider: Anniversary .... the Temple of Khamoon
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    I'm in a room where there are four monuments

    I was attacked by black panthers

    There's a door, and I am stuck in that room ... the monuments go up
    and down, and they can turn ... they have symbols on them

    TYVM in advance for your assistance
  • Starting with the block to Lara's right when entering this room, putt it out and go down the corridor behind it to get some shotgun ammo. Behind the second block (next one to the right) you'll find a mural showing an egyptian holding a green vase. Go to the pillar that rose up when you pulled this block out and turn it so that the figure holding the gren glass is facing the door. You should hear a click.

    Ignore block 3 (nothing there) and head to the 4th block. Be ready to take out the panther here- this block will make the pillar on the left side move. In the corridor behind the block you'll find another mural with an egyptian holding two white vases. Head to the circular platform on the far left of the room and rotate this to show the same mural- you'll hear another click.

    Block 5 reveals a figure holding a "female figure" as well as makes the far right pillar rise up. Rotate this one to reveal the mural. Block 6 has more 50 cal ammo if you need it. Block 7 makes the second pillar from the right rise up and will open the door (its mural is already facing the right direction).

    Before going through, however, there is a relic to collect if you are going for completeness.