low upload on video chat
  • Recently purchased my PS3 and one of the reasons was to do video chat with friends and family. I cannot find any general type of solution to low upload speeds through PS3 using the Sony Eye while in Video Chat. Whether using my wireless connection or cable connection through my router or directly connecting to my cable modem, the best upload speed I have been able to get is 240kbps. This makes for a very pixalted picture on the receiving end if we move at all. I have seen a few forums where others have complained about this type of low upload speed, but I have yet to find any types of solutions.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

  • If it is happening even with a direct connection to the modem the problem lies in the internet provider, not the PS3. Cable internet is a shared bandwidth- if a lot of people are online along with you in the area you won't have as much bandwidth yourself.