• Need some help here i've been playing FF7 for about 15hrs and am stuck at Wutai. Where in hell do i go when i get up the mountain i've been up & down at least a 6 times trying to figure out what to do..

    As this is my first RPG any help would be appreciated!!

  • If you found Yuffie, then search everywhere for her and then when you cant find her in every house go to the drum thing and bang it and then go in the door after the battle head up to the mountain search it and you'll find her. If you didnt find Yuffie then there is no need head to the house on the beach by the golden saucer (it's below it) other than having Yuffie it is pointless exepct having good weapons. If ya need more help PM me I'm an expert at the game
  • Have you just landed on the island?
  • Had no problems getting to Wutai. But in the village itself there's Wutai Mtn(which has the save point) and there's Wutai Main Mtn along a path to the left of the screen where there's a temple but i can't get upstairs because i don't live in Wutai. And also where's this drum i have to hit................Also there's one house i can't get into it has a room full of cats under it......................Can't find Yuffie anywhere in the houses or the mountain area

  • I believe that 'drum thing' is outside the 'restaurant' on the west side of town, and it's more like a giant clay jar with a lid on it.
  • I've found the clay jar and have hit (x) about a hundred times as well as the (0) button but nothing seems to happen do i need any particular characters in my party or anything like that. I've spoken to eveyone in the village except for the girl in the first house who is always jumping around the place and tells her grandpa that i'm some stranger who's busted in the place................................

  • Ok, I guess the first question is, did you get Yuffie in your party in the first place?
  • If you have Yuffie and are trying to find her, do the following.
    1) In the first house you come across when you walk in, she's hiding behind the curtain wall. Just press X against there.
    2)Go all the way left/up and enter the house on the right side. Talk to the guy sleeping and Yuffie will pop out.
    3)Go into the materia shop and open the chest. Yuffie will come up and steal the item.
    4) If you see the cauldron shaking next to the bar, shes in there. Your team will cover both bridges and she will be caught. She will lead you to the house you couldnt get into. She will trap you.
    This isnt in any order up until the 4 one.
  • Not trying to give to much away but later in the game you'll find some dragon scales in a chest and i'll just say that they're very strong. That's all i'll give you unless you want to know where to find them. I hope you enjoy this little bit of info.
  • Its in my site, http://www.angelfire.lycos.com/rpg/Gyven but the answer to that would be..When you are on the Huge Materia quest, and you go to the underwater reactor. You will find a chest on the dock right before you enter the enemy sub. Its a key item called Leviathan Scales. Just go right up to the fire and it will extinguish.
  • Thanks for your help everybody much appreciated........
    Still don't have Yuffie is it important to have her in your party as i gave looking for her and kept playing........... At the moment i've just killed the Diamond Weapon and just wondered if i should be at any certain level before i take Reno,Rude & Elena as i died the first time............

    Once again a huge thanks!!!!!!!!!!1
  • hi madmetalmick.
  • Hey MadmetalMick, instructions on how to get Yuffie are on my site under Final Fantasy 7 FAQ's. Shes good to have, she helped me beat Sephiroth. Her,Cloud, and Barret to be exact. And Tifa,Cloud, and Red XIII are good as well.
  • Genestarwind,

    Thaks for the FAQ help it helped a lot so to everyone who took the time out to help me (A HUGE THANKS)

    Well next question just bought FF8 and rate FF7 better than 8 anybody got any other opinions they would like to add....................

    Play Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey thanks MadMetalMick, Im glad my site gave you the help you needed. I agree with you about FF8. It was amazing in the graphics field, but cmon. The whole story line and how they got to know each other...lame.
  • Do we have opinions???