Medievil Playstation 1 game
  • I have no idea how to beat this level..The Haunted Ruins, Chalice 17.
    i need help!
  • You start with herding some chickens out of their pen toward some corn- this will reveal a switch that will open the drawbridge.

    Talk to the gargoyle as you enter the castle then head up the stairs to your left. You'll find the second book here. head all the way left to find the chaos rune Return to the second book and you should be able to see the captive farmers below. Head right a bit to find and defeat a shadow demon. After defeating him keep going right and you'll see 3 more guarding the farmers. Jump down and be ready to cut them off as they will dash after the farmers to kill them. The spear makes quick work.
  • Stuck in Asylum Grounds on first riddle... found three stars I think? Need help
  • You start at the gate. Follow the path down to the FIRST BOOK.

    You will walk past a unicorn bush. At a four-way crossroads, kill the head of the dragon bush. With where the head was in front of you, go to the right. Walk up to the statue of a face and press X to talk with Jack of the Green. He will tell you the first riddle.

    Return to the crossroads. Go back to the unicorn bush. Behind that bush is a green STAR. Hit the star. Walk back to the crossroads and keep going through, in a straight line, to the opposite side. You will find a bush shaped like a person, a closed gate, and a green STAR to the right of the gate. Hit the star.

    Return to the crossroads. Go the opposite way from Jack of the Green. This brings you into the hedge maze. At the image of two masks, walk to the right first. It will not be long before you find a green STAR between two trees. Hit the star.

    Return to the image of two masks, and with them before you, go to the left. This will lead you to a large, open area with holes in the ground. Enter this area. Hit the bell to ring it and bring out more zombies if they have not all come out on their own. To the left of the bell is a green STAR. Hit the star. Near the bell, while facing the bell, drop into the hole on the right to get a BAG OF COINS. Turn so the bells is behind you. Walk back towards the entrance and drop into the hole on the right to get another BAG OF COINS.
    When you try to leave this area, you will see the hedge has grown shut. Just cut through it.

    With the area with the bell behind you, go left. This will lead you to a bush which fires at you. To the left of it is a BAG OF COINS. To the right of it is a green STAR. Hit the star. Return to Jack of the Green. Speak to him to hear the next riddle.