Help to set up splitscreen in motorstorm pacific rift
  • ;) We would like to play with 2 players on this game (PS3), but can't figure out how to make it work. Can you help?;)
  • We are new to ps3 and can't work out how to set up a split screen in motorstorm pacific rift. We can't even find where we have the option to choose number of players! A simple step by step guide would be really appreciated... obviously this is a basic question, but we can't figure it out!
    Thank you in advance for any help given.:confused:
  • I put the two of you together seeing as you were asking the exact same question. Sorry it took a bit longer than usual to find the answer but I don't have the game (yet) and the answer wasn't too forthcoming online.

    In the main menu of the game you'll find "Wreckreation", just below the main game. Select that and in there you will find the split screen option for multiplayer.
  • Thank you sooo much!!! (Have happy kids now!)...
    Embarrassingly easy now that you have shown us where it is, but just couldn't find it for looking!! :redface: