Another Wireless Problem
  • Well i got myself a brand new 80g ps3 last night
    and since i've been having troubles with getting my wireless to work properly

    i seem to be connecting with my wireless just fine
    but when i run the connection test
    it always fails when it tests the playstation network

    and when i try to sign into the playstation network, my whole internet goes down and i have to go reset my modem and router

    I had it working for a while last night, but my internet kept going down when trying to install the lbp updates

    yet it had no problem downloading and installing the 2.53 firmware update

    I have a netopia modem
    and a linksys wrt54g

    Any help is greatly appreciated
  • You may want to check the router to do some port forwarding, Ecst. I have them listed in the pinned thread at the top. Also, giving the router a power cycle (unplug the power for a minute then plug in again) should help.