Tiger Woods 09 player profiles
  • This may be a stupid question, but when I set up more than one player profile in Tiger Woods 09, the next time i turn off the PS3 and turn it back on, all of the profiles are gone except for the most recent profile that I set up. And the game data and stats for the players that I had already been playing with is all gone, too. Is there a reason it's not saving properly??
  • I had the same problem.


    Your profile is not lost forever :-) I have no idea why it just doesn't use the free slots, but it doesn't.

    Choose a free slot and press "X" - then press "Load". Then your old profile will appear in a list and then you can choose this one and then you are back in game with the old profile again. PS3 stores all the profiles, but does not show them all in the "manage my profiles/golfers". But they are still there :-)

    Happy gaming and let me know if this solved your problem. :p