• how do I connect my daughters psp to the internet
  • If you have a wireless router in place for your internet connection you are al;ready halfway there. You should see a small WLAN switch on the left side (if using the original PSP) or on the top beside the L button with the slim model. Turn this on and go to the Network Settings at the bottom of the Settings menu.

    Now, for internet you will need to choose "infrastructure" mode (ad hoc is for local connection to another PSP) and hit X. You'll see the one option here "New Connection". Select that and you will be asked to name it. Once that is in and you move forward you will come across several options- highlight "scan" and hit the X. This should bring up a list of available "hot spots"- select yours and move along. You should be able to go all automatic from here if you do not use encryption, otherwise you will need to grab some settings from your router to add to the PSP.

    At the end you will get to see a summary of the connection and test to make sure it connects. If everything is there correctly your daughter should be good to go! B)