ps3 diplay issues, possible HDMI Trouble
  • I have searched the net far and wide and i have been unable to locate this issue.
    I will try and explain my story as far back as possible.
    I was playing NFS Pro street(because i am lame, and was bored.) My wife decided she wanted to play some tiger woods, so i said sure. I hit my ps button on my controller and selected quit game. the game disappeared and after a few seconds my screen went blank. Odd, i thought. I let it sit a second, and shortly after i manually shut it off. I turned it back on, and had nothing but a green line on top of the screen. So, i shut it down again and tried to to the auto-detect by holding the power button. After a few tries i finally got a screen in the 480 resolution telling me that i had to rebuild my data file. After it completed that, i attempted to set up my resolution again. It will only display in 480 now. anything above that and the left half of my screen displays the ps3(its the whole picture, just compressed to half the screen) and the right half is lots of colors and flickering. I have tried to manually, and automatically detect the settings. I had my ps3 reset everything to default, and i've tried a second cable with the same results every time. When using auto detect it tells me i have an hdmi cable, and asks to use it, i hit ok. Then it asks if i want to use the highest resolution and i hit yes. After that, the errors begin.

    Now, i was playing in 1080i just prior to all these issues. ITs a release date ps3 that has been connected to the same 42" plasma magnavox since purchase(i bought them together).
  • well, now im pointing at my tv, i grabbed my 32" plasma out of the garage, and it worked fine in 1080i on it... so back to the drawing board
  • Yep, sounds like the problem was actually in the tv's HDMI port and not the PS3 at all.

    To be honest, I've never been a fan of the Magnavox brand- it always seeme d a bit low-tier compared to others like Sharp and Sony.