• Hi all

    Please help

    I want to connect new ps3 to Internet. I have a Netgear DG834PN wireless and i am on AOL but i need step by step help not tech talk, Please help me shut my son up :frown:

  • I'm afraid the step by step is going to need to include some tech talk, Matt- no avoiding it.

    Before going at it on the PS3 itself you may want to make sure you have certain settings as they should be on the router itself. Once you log into the router set up on your computer head into the Wireless section from the main menu. Make sure your wireless is enabled (it's the first check box on the page). If you use the encryption on the router note the password you use for it- you'll need to add this to the settings on the PS3.

    If you have been using the "Wireless Station Access List" (found on this same page) you will need to add the PS3's MAC Address to this.You'll find this on the PS3 by going to the Settings Menu, down to System Settings and select System Information.

    You also will want to set up the port forwarding (called Inbound Services on your router) to allow the specfic ports the PSN needs to be open. I've listed those in the pinned thread at the top of this section- you can also go into Services on your router to add these ports in, just use PS3 or PSN for the service name. Services is found in the Security section.

    Finally, you may want to find the router's IP address reservation table (in the Advanced section, look for LAN IP Set Up) to reserve an address just for the PS3- this makes it easier for the PS3 to get online as it won't have to look for a new address every time and you'll be able to put this in the PS3's settings. You will use the MAC address (found earlier) to reserve the IP for that specific device. Click the Add button, enter the info and click the Apply button to save.

    Finally, you will want to find the router's Summary page to find some other info such as the DNS server addresses and subnet mask. By giving the PS3 as much info as possible it will make it less likely to have a muck up when trying to get online.

    With all of this in place you should now be able to get the PS3 online. Head down to the Network Settings in the PS3's Settings menu (bottom of the list) and select Internet Connection Settings. You'll want to choose manual for adding the different information. First thing you'll need to do is scan for your router and select it from the list it brings up (should only find the one unless there are more in the immediate area). If you have the encryption running this is when you'll need to select the type and enter the pass key from the router.

    From there it's the set up for the IP address. Again, choose manual and add in the IP you set up on the router just for the PS3. You'll then need to enter in the other information (router IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers) and you should be ready to test things out.

    I realize this may not quite be as step-by-step as you may have liked- still, it should be able to guide you through It may seem like a lot to do just to get online but I've found the PS3 is not quite as plug and play as the other consoles.
  • I just got the Netgear WPN824 and am having a heck of a time getting on too.

    The IP succeeds but the Internet Connection always fails. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  • The steps I gave above should work the same for you, heater- need to make absolutely sure the numbers are correct.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    The steps I gave above should work the same for you, heater- need to make absolutely sure the numbers are correct.

    I think the problem is that it's not hooked up right.

    Here's what lights up:
    Power button-green
    Wifi Logo-blinking green
    Internet logo-green
  • Ok, heater- that yellow check mark means the router is still initializing. When it is off your network is up and running. You may need to re-check some of your settings in the router itself in regards to your connection.