help with sims for ps2
  • i cant get the cheats to work only the trophy could u plz help

  • I am able to help you! I pla on it almost everyday therfore I can help you but first I need to know what Sim game you need help with. I think that you are talking about the regular one. Ok lets get started.
    1) To access cheat menu L1 L2 R1 R2
    2)ounce you get to your cheat menu type in freeall you are able to make anything and buy for no cost at all.
    3) you must type in cheat menu at The main menu where it says "Get A life" or "Play the Sims"
    4)you can also type in Midas and you are able to unlock anything that is locked.
    5) anything that you buy on freeall it will go to your net worth and when you want to move out all that money you will have to make your house or you could simply just put it on freeall again.

    If you have any pacific questions just ask for help and reply to this message my goal is to try and reply back in atleast 48 hours maybe 24 hours. If you have any pacific question reply don't hesitate to ask.