3 PS3's on to a wireless network
  • Just got my kids a PS3 each and I am having trouble getting the three of them to go online at the same time I have a Belkin N1 router and really need some help setting it up before my kids rip me limb from limb. By the way I'm not too clued up on wireless networks so I would be very grateful for any help available ( in laymans terms:D )

    Thanks in advance
  • To be honest, munro, you may run into problems there. Most routers can only allow a port to be used by one application/ machine at a time- chances are just one machine would be able to get fully online. I would also recommend not using an N speed router- you will not get any sort of speed advantage as the PS3 does not use 802.11 N wi-fi. You would be better served getting an 802.11 G.