• I started playing this game years ago and quit playing because I could not finish the game. I recently started playing again and I am stuck in the same spot again. I am on disk four at the end where Scully wants to lure Mulder into the chamber. I shot the gaurd, took the key, and lured him in. I then take the stiletto out but I can't do anything with it. I die at that point every time. I read that is the way to end the game but I can never move once I have trapped Mulder into the chamber. Any suggestions? The AI wants him to log onto a computer I have no passwords for, is there something I am missing?

    Thank you

  • When you click on your stiletto you should then click the stiletto on Scully- this should trigger the finale cut scene.
  • I have tried that but the game doesn't allow me to use the stilleto. It doesn't give me an action icon to use it at all let alone on Scully. Do you think it is just a default in the game I have? Also she is on the other side of the chamber from me is that the way it should be? Any suggestions let me know.