Need help with Guitar Hero
  • I just purchased Guitar Hero for my daughter for Christmas, and it isn't working. We installed new batteries in the guitar but the LED indicator is still flashing. According to the directions that came with it, that means it isn't picking up a signal from the controller. What could be the problem?
  • First thing I would check is if the batteries are in correctly, just in case the guitar is getting no power (a simple thing, I know, but sometimes these are the ones that get missed).

    If they are in correctly, follow this process: Once the receiver is plugged in and the system is turned on push the red fret button to turn the guitar on. Now, press the button on the receiver to get it searching. Now hold down the red fret button and the guitar should sync up.
  • Sir Can you Help Me I need to know how to enter the Cheat For Master Code on Guitar Hero II
  • I'm not sure just what you mean by a "master code", had never heard of their being one myself.