Loading saves from memory stick
  • Hi,

    I have a new 80 gig PS3 and I want to give my old one to someone as a present. How can I get my saves (I have a 2007 F1 Ferrari in GT5 Prologue) from one machine to the other? I have copied them to a USB stick but can't make it work on the new machine. Help much appreciated by my 10 year old nephew who is waiting for me to give him the old machine!


  • John, when you go into the Game Saves section in the Game menu you should see the icon there for the memory stick. Highlight it and select "view all". You should now see all of the saves that are on there. Highlight each one, hit triangle and select "copy" to copy each one to the hard drive.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, I have done that but when I go to the game it doesn't have any of my cars in the garage. Do I have to do anything else from the game to use the added saves?
  • If you have a previous save there the game may be loading it instead. You may need to go into the game options and load up the specific game save you want.
  • Right, started again, deleted all memory of GT5 from the new PS3, reloaded it onto the hard drive, copied the saves from the memory stick. STILL doesn't work.

    Any more ideas?