PS3 Error, faulty upgrade, blue ray trouble.
  • I'm having major trouble with my PS3 since a recent install. It's version 2.52, just out of warranty and can't play blue ray discs. This problem has moved into music cds, movies and PS2 games-- I should mention that it's a 60GB.

    I've utilised the 'hidden menu' to help things and it enabled my sd card files to be seen again. Is there any chance this site can help resolve these probs...I'm getting really tempted to pull the machine apart. Btw, I've run a dvd lens cleaner through it as well-- no change.

    It stopped doing error messages, which were happening initially. And I can't upgrade it to 2.53 because it keeps seeing no data or finds corrupted files.

    Why on earth hasn't Sony allowed a rollback option for faulty upgrades? It is necessary...

    Thanks in advance for all useful help.
  • Part of the problem lies in the blu-ray diode. Some of the PS3s early on wound up with faulty ones inside which would result in the disc reading problems (and eventually the yellow light of death).

    In the end the only thing that can be done is let Sony do their thing and fix it up.
  • Urgh...the yellow light of death...thankfully it's only a part prob and the PS3 can be resurrected. :)