Help Help Help!!!! Lyndon (or Any1 Else)
  • Today when i tried to sign in Playstation Home, it kep saying, there has been a problem downloading content, so i checked online for a solution, someone said that there may be a bug in the XMB, restore it, so I restored it and it deleted everything.:(
    BUT now there is no playstation Home ICON under Playstation Network.:huh: PLZ HELP ME :( :(
  • I was running into that as well after making a trip into the UK home on one of my dummy IDs. What i had to do was delete the Home data in the Game Data folder in the Game menu then restart the PS3. This should bring back the Home icon and let you re-install it.
  • Well, it did let me re-install but I still get the 'error downloading content" message. I'm wondering if something is up with the Home servers at the moment.
  • Well, Home seems to be working fine now- I was in with no problems (other than having to re-download the locations). Even still had my namco stuff I got from the Namco Museum beta I grabbed from the Hong Kong store.
  • thnx lyndon, ur a real saviour