• Hi

    I have just had a ps3 160gb and i am trying to connect to the internet i have contacted my service provider(talk talk)and ammended my settings to accept this for wireless connection ip address correct but internet connection failed message (connection to server timed out 80028E01)after waiting for 2hrs trying to get talk talk to find out why there final reply was to contact sony ???? this ps3 came with 4 free games online i have tried ethernet cable as well but same message appears is the code listed connected to sony in any way dont know who to turn to!!

  • The advice is the same no matter which model you have- you may need to tweak yet more settings in your router along with the PS3, Davy. I usually recommend reserving an IP address for the PS3 in the router, most models allow this. Also, you can set your PS3's MAC Address into the router's "allowed" list of devices if you have this set up.

    As for the PS3, make sure all of your settings there are in correctly- if possible put everything in manually in regards to the router's IP address, DNS servers and subnet mask.