• My son has recently received a PS2 console as a present, when it is connected to our widescreen TV we only get black and white output! can anyone please help with advise on how to get colour?

    thanks in advance

    Thanks to everyone that tried to help, the problem turned out to be with the AV settings on the TV!

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  • I havn't seen or heard of that one. What does Sony (1-800-345-SONY) say about it?
  • Have you selected 16:9 aspect ratio on your PS2?

    If you don't know do this...

    1. Turn on your PS2 with no disc in the console.
    2. Select "System Configuration".
    3. Select :Screen Size".
    4. Select "16:9"

    This is the only thing I can think of right now. I'll do some digging for ya and see what else I can find.
  • I know that an incorrect refresh rate makes it come out in B&W, don't know how you could fix that, however I doubt that it is the problem.

    When you get into the system config, there should be an 'AV Input' option (or something similar). Make sure that is set correctly, according to which connections you're using.

    Havn't used a widescreen TV before, so that's about the only help I can give unfortunately. Hope you get it going :)

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