PS3 wont read disc
  • Hi, My PS3 is suddenly having problems reading PES2009. Most other games are fine as are DVDs, CDs etc, brain challenge it also struggles to find.

    Is there a simple solution to this as I have cleaned the disc over and over and it's still not finding it (the loading icon appears in the top right but dissapears without the game appearing).


  • Was it able to read it before or was it always this way with the disc?
  • Always worked before, Have noticed that sometimes will still work on autoplay but struggles to find disc otherwise
  • The disc may be getting scratched up a bit and harder to read for the PS3. When you were cleaning the disc before did you go from the center out to the edge or wipe around the disc?
  • centre to edge, but a brand new disc (NHL) did the same thing yesterday so I don't think that's the problem. Am going to buy a DVD lens cleaner to try and help, I assume this won't damage the PS3?
  • It shouldn't but the fact that you are starting to see it affect other games makes me think something more serious may be happening. You may want to contact Sony if you still have some warranty left.