Need some help with Metal Gear Online and COD4
  • Hi , I'm new around here . So , I'm afraid I have to get straight to the point now :)

    Things I should tell first .

    I'm on a 512k ADSL Connection . I have a Shiro 805E Modem . I am from Pakistan .

    Now , to the problem .

    The problem is that I lag pretty bad in MGO . I can't host a game . I ran a speedtest and this is the result I got :

    Download Speed - 550 Kbps
    Upload Speed - 300 Kbps
    Ping - 450 ms

    As you can clearly see that Ping seems to be the main issue . So , I need some expert help on how to solve this . The same thing goes for COD4 . Whenever I try to find a room , I end up hosting myself :p

    Anything that I left to clear out , please tell me .

    Waiting for your replies .

    Thank you
  • Bump . Anyone . I thought people were helpful here :p
  • No need to "bump", Muaaz- you know how busy things get over the holiday season, after all. ;)

    The problem is indeed your ping time. Your location is making it too slow to be able to connect to the servers due to distance. I honestly do not believe there is anything you can do.
  • But I know people here who host on MGO and they get ~80 pings . There is indeed something wrong with my connection . And the server on which I speedtested is also here in my city . I have read a thread in which you helped out another member . Dont remember his name .
  • You may need to do some editing in your router, possibly some port forwarding. I've listed the ones needed by Sony in the PS3 Console section in the pinned thread and I believe Konami has a couple that they require as well. They should be listed in the MGO manual.
  • Can you please give me a direct link to both of pages . I'm a newbie around here :)
  • It's easy to find, Muazz- the PS3 Console section is just below the PS3 games on the main forum page. As I mentioned before, the manual that comes with MGS4 should have the links they require as well.
  • Posting here after a long time indeed . And I solved my problems . Thanks a lot ! :)