MEN IN BLACK hheeeellllpppp
  • I got this game fro christmas but I can't get through the first level, I have tried the cheat that I found but am still unable to get passed it. Can anyone help me please??????????
  • To defeat the boss here unload every bit of ammo you have into him then run. Bob and weave back in to take a swing when you can and he'll eventually go down. Once this happens search him for the idol.
  • I didn't mean the boss at the end I meant where you first get into the very first bit of the very first level, where there are 3 dudes to kill and a bomb in one of the rooms!! I keep getting blown up!!!!
  • Well, how was I supposed to know that now? ;)

    To disarm the bomb select the red wire when the largest button is lit up. Asfor the thugs, use the pistol to make short work of them.