Corrupt Data! (PS2) Help! Seriously!
  • Thank you for opening this, whoever you are(: Anyways, I have MAJOR corrupt data on my playstation 2. I have two nasty corrupt file thingies saved on my memory card. I've already tried deleting them on the browser menu, but it just says 'delete failed'. I sat there for like, 10 minutes trying to delete them, over and over again, but no luck. I even did that trick where you enter an audio CD into the playstation drive and it 'supposedly deletes the data' in the memory card. Well, it didn't help much. Also, I have even tried deleting them while I play the game (Madden NFL 07 and 09, by the way) but it doesn't work. This is the 2nd memory card I've bought, and I don't plan on buying another one. Can you help?
  • Are these actual Sony memory cards or third party knockoffs?
  • The first memory card i purchased was an actual Sony memory card. The second one is probably a cheap one, however. The first memory card just randomly deleted all my data when I turned on the playstation. I didn't do anything, but it was all just deleted, and whenever I tried to save something, it would say 'Error checking Memory Card'. and would discard everything. I think something may be wrong with my system, but I'm not entirely sure. Thank you for replying(:
  • It is possible the problem is in the memory card slot and not the cards themselves- if you can, maybe take the cards to a friend's place to see if he/ she can erase the crap data.
  • ooh okaay. thanks again for helping me out:)
  • you must formated memory card witch action reply cd ......enjoy:D