• Hi. My son bought a psp 1000 from a friend that broke the screen. It powered up and you could see the screen through the cracked part. We ordered a new screen on E-bay. Got it. Installed it. Could barely make out the screen saver his friend had installed. Sent it back, got a new one Saturday. Same problem. He was able to remove the screen saver but now we see nothing but darkness. We even reinstalled the old screen and got nothing. He says now he's not sure if the UMD is reading. What could have happened with this? Did he possible knock something loose? Or what???? Is this a lost cause?! This was supposed to be his 14th b-day present but that kinda got blown out of the water. I hope you can help me help him! Thanks!
  • Sorry to say but this one may well be a lost cause. There may well be more broken inside than merely the screen.

    The only solution at this point would be to contact Sony to talk to them about repairs (which would cost another $60-$80) or buy an entirely new system.