PES 2009 port problem again!
  • Sorry to be a nuisanace but i got Pro 2009 the other day and obviously when trying to sign onto the network i got the port number problem for 5730. So i did the logical thign went into my router set up and enabled the required ports 5730 to 5739. This still didnt work?? Iv tried so much stuff and it wont let me access the port, Any help pleasssssssse????
  • If memory serves there is a Ports section in the main menu of the game- if I'm right this should be set to Automatic.
  • Hi, yeah iv done that, it doesnt work still! It sets the port number to 5730 and yet it wont access it! Is that the only thing i can really do?
  • Open this port in the router settings as well and you should be good to go.
  • Yes if u look above i said i opened those ports, it is still not working, i have no idea whats going on it should be working, Iv even reset my router factory settings. Is that all i can do?
  • Do you have the other ports open that the PSN traffic normally needs as well?