Getting Ps2 On Line
  • ok here goes , originally i was using a usb high speed modem that i got through my phone service, which is sympatico, i couldnt find a usb router so i bought a network card got a new modem, then i purchased a dlink di-604 router, dlink unfortunately does not have great customer service, i cant get my ps2 online, any suggestions, im even willing to enter the dlink router into the shot putt competition to see how far i can throw it , and secondly if i cant use that one to get on line is there an easier to use/setup router out there for puter dummies.

    thank you

  • I know what you're going through-I made the mistake of buying a cheap SMC router at first.I'm now using the Linksys 4 Port router-got hooked up no problem. :)

    First thing to do is make sure you have things set up for using DHCP,which will let the router assign an IP address automatically when you go to connect.Go into your connection settings (found through your browser options) and go to the LAN Network button at the bottom.Uncheck all the boxes and hit OK.Also go into you Network Settings in My Network Places (for Windows XP-it's called Network Neighborhood in Win 95/98/ME).Select TCP/IP and click Properties.In the General tab select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain a DNS address automatically".Under the Alternate Configuration tab make sure the "Automatically Obtain" radio button is selected as well. Hit OK and close out of the network settings.

    With that done,when you set up the router make sure you have DHCP enabled there as well.In the case of the Linksys it asked how many devices will be networked on the page.The D-Link will most likely be similar.

    Finally,when you go to set up the network adaptor connection,let it get the settings automatically. This should let you get connected-if you still have problems I'd advise either contacting Sony via the toll free number or.if possible,return the D-Link and pick up a Linksys.I haven't seen anyone having a problem with it yet! B)