problem with pn...
  • howdy everyone, Im new here and i am having problems with my playstation 3. ok I got my playstation 3 in ireland and set the wireless up there and all was fine... until i had to come back to england. so i set my playstation up and did the internet connection test and this is how it turned out:

    ip address: succeeded
    internet connection: succeeded
    playstation network: failed

    and sometimes it just ends up like this:
    ip address:failed
    i really need help to get online, because i have completed little big planet and i want to try out other peoples levels they have made. thanks in advance!! chocolatim
  • That's because some of the settings you would have used over there would not be the same as back at home. A few tweaks to match things up and you should be good to go.
  • Lyndon, When it says IP address: failed
    Thats started happening to me as i told you my connection has stopped working all a sudden. I cannot get onto the internet on my ps3 and cannot connect to Playstation network, But i connect perfectly fine to the internet on a computer. Please help me out i miss playing metal gear online