• on God of War II I am stuck at the part that is a round enclosed hall with 2 buttons to press.1 behind spikes from the ground while the other in front of gate you set the body on?2 chests up top that you get be r1 the light.how do i set the button to the left behind the spikes from the ground to get thru the gate door?
  • Just to the right of the path to the save altar is a lever. Pull that lever to open the gate to the right side. Now, before you head in, go left (directly away from the gate), jump over the spiked gate and smash the stone wall for some extra red orbs. You'll notice a stream with body parts floating in it.

    Head back to the gate you opened and smash another wall for more orbs then kill the two Hades Fiends. Once you kill them off pick up the body and drop it into the stream. head back to the left side and wait for the body to float along, grab it and you can set it on the switch. head back to the center, step on the button and roll/walk quickly north to get through in time.